Classical Guitar 2

This one is nearly finished. Just the bridge and nut then setup. The fingerboard is masked to prevent the finish spoiling it.

Materials: Back and ribs – Indian Rosewood; Soundboard - Western Red Cedar; Fingerboard – Ebony; Neck- Brazilian Mahogany.

The finish is French Polish. Goodness knows how many times I stripped off the finish and started again. I'm still not satisfied with it.













Archtop Guitar


Archtop GuitarThis archtop guitar was made in 2007-2008, taking a little over a year to construct, I was working full-time at the time. It is a Benedetto copy built according to Benedetto's  book. The materials used are not ideal as I was concerned about spending huge sums on exotic timbers for my first acrchtop. The front is Sitka Spruce, back and sides Elm and neck Maple. I have fitted a Benedetto pickup. I am reasonably satisfied with the result. The guitar looks pretty good and sounds beautiful through a nice amplifier but is rather thin sounding when played acoustically.



Side view showing arch

Making A Guitar Pickup


This article describles the making of a guitar pickuo for an 8-string lap steel guitar.




Here is a picture of the 'flatwork' before being cut and drilled. It is made from fibreglass printed circuit material with the copper etched for so as to provide electrostatic shielding, notched so that it does not form a shorted turn. Termination points fo rthe winding wire and outgoing connections are also provided.


This bass has a slightly shortened scale at 32.5 inches,the standard full scale being 34 inches and short-scale usually being 30 inches. The body is made from English ash, the neck from sycamore. The pickups are wound on wooden spools made from Indian rosewood and the windings are boxed in with sycamore. 


The Telecaster Twins

I have long fancied a Telecaster so I made a pair of them. One has gone to my son as a Christmas present, the other is all mine. My expectation was that I could make two identical instruments in just a little more time than one. I'm not sure it turned out to be so. They are almost identical and the play identically and they play very well indeed.(well I would say that, wouldn't I?)

Telecaster twins