Precision Preamplifier by Douglas Self

This is my build of Douglas Self's Precision Preamplifier as published in Wireless World in October 1983. I refer interested parties to the original article or to the reprint in the book "Self On Audio". It has the addition of a headphone output which includes a stereo width control, the design of which was taken from J L Lindsley-Hood's Modular Preamplifier design,  published in Wireless World February 1983.

As seen from the photo's, it is built entirely on Vero Board. In a folded metal box with an Elm fascia with Indian rosewood knobs. I must have built it around 1984 and it ran without problem until this year, 2018, when it developed a intermittent drop-out of one channel. the problem was traced to a soldered connection on one of the switches. In fact, it was not soldered at all, I had wrapped the wire around the pin but failed to complete the joint by soldering. Amazing that it worked for so long.


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