Bass Guitar Speaker

Making The Box

The material used throughout was birch ply. I found it difficult to come by and expensive. Nevertheless, buy it I did. I am not convinvced that it was worth the extra money over Far Eastern hardwood plywood. The usual reccommendation for plywood is 19 mm throughout but to keep weight down, I used 12 mm for all but the baffle. However I braced the sides and back extensively. Rebates were routed for the outside joints but the stiffeners were butted, All joints were screwed and glued. Here are some photos:-

DIY Bass Guitar Speaker Bare Box

DIY Bass Cabinet with speaker fitted


As for finishing, I've never had great success with Tolex so I tried paint. This particular paint, called Tuff Cab is made for the job. It is applied with a paint roller, a 4 inch honeycomb from the same supplier. I'm very impressed. It went on like a dream and produced an excellent finish. I'll never use anythig else. The speaker cloth is stapled to a softwood frame and screwed from the inside.

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